Thursday, November 1, 2007

October Bliss

Well this past month we had an opportunity to work with another church up in Brisbane, Queensland. We were up there for 3 weeks in which one week of that was a Holiday. We were able to do so much for that church there like putting on a mini VBS on the first Sunday we were there. Also during the week we had the honor of visiting a few of their elderly couples who had AMAZING stories to share with us. We did some letter boxing with the church's flyers and met some people through the neighborhoods. Not to mention on our letter boxing days we got to go swimming and cool off:) It has been getting SO hot here lately and it's not even summer yet! The church up there was so amazing and encouraging for us. Although I love the church here in Gosford it was nice to get away for a couple weeks and meet more of our brothers and sisters in Australia. Now the congregation up there is looking to get an AIM team which is SO awesome!:) Our co-ordinator keeps getting emails and cards in the mail with nothing but good talk about us AIMers:) It's good to hear that we're making good impacts on the people here even if we think we're not really doing much. One of the main ministries here for us as Americans is forming relationships in which I guess we're doing good in:)haha. This past month has really been an eye opener for me in many ways. I'm so glad that God gave me the opportunity to come here and show these people Jesus. Thank you all for helping me follow that plan of God's for me. THIS month has really been off to a good start with getting back into our girls devo with the teen girls, going to Ladies class, University and Donnison St. this Friday. Today I got to be part of an AIM presentation to this AIM class to come here. We had a lot of fun on web cam with that one and getting to see everyone back in Lubbock was pretty cool. Please keep them all in your prayers as they write down their choices next week of where they would like to go. Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers<3.>

Monday, October 1, 2007

Goodbye to Kiwis<3

I have had the most AMAZING week with the youth group from New Zealand! They have encouraged me in SO many ways. This past week we have worked hard together cleaning up yards, we helped a lady move out of her house and put her stuff in storage, visited elderly members and helped with Donnison St. This past weekend we drove 12 hrs to Melbourne for a camp called Revive which was an uplifting day, but honestly I got more from hanging out with these kids all week then I did at that camp. This youth group is so open and awesome. I pray for the youth group we have been working with to open up to us, but it's really hard getting close to them. God knows what he's doing and I don't doubt that for a minute. These kids that came over hopefully were able to lift up the youth group here:) We had to say goodbye tonight after an AWESOME 10 days with them. This Friday my teammates and Matt all go up to Brisbane to work with a church there for 2 weeks. There we will be having a small VBS for the kids on the first Sunday we arrive. Our theme is "The Wall of Jericho." It should be HEAPS fun:) Everyday we will be visiting members of the church and on Wednesday nights we will be teaching the childrens classes:) I can't wait! Thank you all for supporting me in this mission God has me on in Australia<3.>

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dani on Red Bull<3

Wow.. So this past week has flown by so fast it seems like. This Saturday the youth group from New Zealand will be here which is so exciting:) We're going to be doing a lot with them and bringing them to their service projects, making them lunch everyday and then next weekend we head down to Melbourne for a camp called REVIVE. I'm looking forward to it myself:) This past weekend we went to a masquarade engagement party which was quite fun. When we went to the Uni church on Sunday night I met this guy whos wife used to live in Alaska! It was pretty cool to talk to them because they just got back from America and hearing all about their adventures was neat. Well this past Monday went really good with the girls devo. They really seem to be opening up to us and talking a lot more on a personal level. These girls really encourage me and keep me on my toes at the same time:) I've also had to say some really sad goodbyes this past week as some of our closest friends here left. Billy flew out last week and then this morning Sarah flew out. Please continue to pray for them as they still have a lot of immagration papers to do and will be away from each other anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Today was a REALLY good day for me. We all went to visit this elderly guy named John and all he likes us to do is sing sing sing:) It was fun! His face lights up and he gets this really big smile when we're singing. I love old people:)lol. I don't really remember what other big events has happened since my last blog, but if I remember I'll write more:) So tonight we watched this really good movie called "Freedom Writers" and if you haven't seen it, you should. It's one of my new favs<3.>

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Breaking a couch...

Tonight was one of those bittersweet moments because it was our last night to see our "Dad" here. He gave us hugs and told us words of encouragement that I'll never forget. I know God has other plans for Billy and Sarah and that it's never a goodbye, it's SEE YOU LATER:) If nothing else, we'll see each other in Heaven! Tonight was full of memories that will last forever along with some funny ones, thanks to Matt:) Well ever since Billy and Sarah have been married they have been house sitting for an older couple who are away on Holiday. Now they have a very beautiful house full of beautiful things along with some pretty expensive furniture. We were all saying goodbyes because we were the last ones who were leaving and Matt had a great idea to instead of normally just sitting down on the couch it was more like fall into the couch and he pretty much broke it, but it was hilarious! Right after we heard the "crack" mom aka: Sarah yelled from downstairs "What just happened?" (but she said it like 4 times) until running up the stairs to find all of us just staring at the now slanted couch. It's actually kind of funny how out of all people... it was Matt. Well tomorrow some of us are going to visit this guy named John who just recently moved to a new retirement village. We're going to see how he's settling in:) Kinda cool how now we have the opportunity to ask "How are you settling in?" instead of us getting asked that. I guess it's true the older you get the faster time goes by:) I got to talk to Breanna today which really helped me. It was good for both of us to hear a familiar voice from a person we love so much. Well tomorrow is coming fast and I still have to write in my journal and read God's word before I shut these tired little eyes. Lately I have been reading Psalms and Proverbs and I really recommend reading them together. It's been very encouraging for me, maybe it will be for you too:) Tomorrow night we have Donnison St so please keep all those people who come for that dinner in your prayers<3i>

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I've recently mentioned Billy and Sarah for prayers. This week is Billy's last week and then the following week Sarah leaves. Well us AIMers call them our parents:) and we joke about how our parents are "abandoning" us Even though it's sad, I know God has other plans for them. Please continue to keep them in your prayers<3>

Proverbs 27:10

So this past week has been pretty good. It's been a little hard because the two main people who I usually talk to and get encouragement from are gone for awhile, but I found an amazing verse to help me. It's Proverbs 27:10 and it totally fits my situation. It's interesting how I found this verse at the time of need, God really does work in mysterious ways and he proves that to me ALL the time it seems like:) I'm really looking forward to this weekend because a newly engaged couple are having an "engagement" party and the theme is a masquarade. It should be pretty fun! So me and Jessi have this guitar that we found in one of our closets when we moved in and we make up these songs.. it's pretty fun. Maybe someday I'll actually learn to play it though:)haha. Last night we had the teen girls over for our weekly Monday night devo and it went really good. We're starting a purity talk with them from a book called Sexy Girls How Hot Is Too Hot. I gave them WWJD braclets to start the class off with. Well we're going to go buy something to drink cuz we're like 99.9% parched:) I'll write more later! Take care and God bless! LOVE YOU ALL<3

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Philippians 1:21 <3

September is off to a wonderful start:) We have been helping this lady named Nyree at her house. With cleaning, doing laundry and giving her someone to talk to. We will usually go over there around 9am and stay until her daughter needs to be picked up from school. It has been really humbling for me to help her. It isn't easy asking for help when you aren't used to it so I'm just so glad that I'm here and able to help her with what she needs. This past Monday we had to cancel our teen girls Bible study because we got stuck in Newcastle. The next train that returned to Gosford was at 4:30 and thats when we usually start the Bible study. It was a bummer but Lord willing theres still next Monday. Yesterday we went to the Uni and Jessi and Courtney met a girl who was from the Outback! It's so interesting that where I come from we're used to Moose in our yard, but here she has Kangaroos in her yard:) Pretty cool huh? Last night for dinner we made taco salad for the congregation and it was SO good:) It's one of my favorites. Tonight we're having Matt (AIMer from last years class) over for dinner along with our friends Billy and Sarah. Matt leaves the field at the end of November, but Billy and Sarah are leaving us like next week. Billy and Sarah were recently married in July and are trying to move to America. Sarah is from Oklahoma, but since Billy is from Scotland they are having problems with migration so please keep them in your prayers so their move to America can go smoothly. I hope everyones week is going awesome and your all turning to God! Keep the Faith<3>